Getting A Great Night's Sleep

Getting a great night’s sleep should be something that we all take seriously. It is estimated that around a third of the population are currently experiencing trouble sleeping soundly and as many as sixty percent are not getting enough sleep. 

An absence of sleep can produce all sorts of undesirable effects, including headaches, anxiety, unwanted weight gain and even coronary heart disease. Furthermore, experts have now discovered evidence that proves a link between a lack of sleep and mental illness such as depression and schizophrenia.

So it is vital to health and wellbeing that we get enough quality sleep and we should make every effort to increase the quantity of deep restful sleep we get as that is the thing that will make all the difference. I know from personal experience that fantastic improvements can be made and it really is possible to wake up feeling refreshed, energetic and ready to take on anything!

In Getting A Great Night's Sleep you will learn:

  • Why you need to sleep
  • What happens when you sleep
  • How to hack your sleep environment - The 4 vital elements
  • The preparation and habits that ensure a good night's rest
  • What athletes know about sleep that many don't
  • How to eat and drink your way to a good night's sleep
  • Which pills, potions, remedies and gadgets are worthwhile
  • How a 'power' nap can improve your day
  • And more!

With an improved sleeping routine you will find it so much easier to get things done and achieve the things you want to do. I have found that with improved sleep I can concentrate more, make better decisions, be more productive, feel full of energy, and enjoy daily life more. And I believe that you can too...

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